American Horror Story: Apocalypse review: The Coven connection


Evil deeds are afoot on Halloween night in this week’s episode, “Forbidden Fruit.” The episode ends with a connection to Coven fans have been waiting for.

This episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse begins with Langdon talking to many of the residents about their dark sides, and we learn that Langdon and Dinah Stevens, played by Adina Porter, know each other already. She tells him that “she isn’t powerful enough to stop whatever it is you’re up to.” Is she a witch?

We also learn that Mallory is more important to this story than we realized before. When Langdon tells her he is going to save her, she tries to get away from him, revealing magical powers in the process and causing Langdon to reveal his true form. Langdon looks scared and asks “who are you?” She replies, “I don’t know.”

Langdon does some sort of blood ritual to commune with Satan after this incident with Mallory happens and is possessed by him.

We then see a strange flashback of Ms. Mead from Halloween in 1962 where she is dressed as a robot. We see other snippets from her life including that she was an agent for Mossad who spent her life killing terrorists. She talks to Ms. Venable and explains how she now knows that her memories are all false because she’s a robot. We aren’t sure about this storyline, but okay. Venable and Mead decide they are going to try and kill everyone, including Langdon, to secure their spot in the Sanctuary.

Cannibals and Halloween

We finally get another glimpse of the outside world and see some cannibals eating a leg. Brock, Coco’s husband who we saw in the first episode, comes across them. He is covered in sores and diseased and is looking for the outpost when he sees one of the Cooperative’s carriage.

Mead and Venable discover the carriage, which has nothing inside but a crate of apples. They decide that their brilliant plan to kill everyone else will be to poison the apples and host a party for All Hallow’s Eve. The two tell the rest of the outpost about their Victorian masquerade ball. Because Victorian fashion is for some reason the look of the apocalypse.

Gallant, Mallory, and Coco talk while getting ready for the party. Mallory explains what happened with Langdon and how she doesn’t understand it, but she made fire shoot out from the fireplace. We appreciate her reference to being like the Dark Phoenix as that was pretty great. Of course, the other two don’t believe her.

The next scene is the Halloween party. Coco is approached by a man in a black mask — whom she assumes to be Langdon. She hits on him and offers to have sex with him any way he likes as they move into the bedroom. The man is actually Brock who was able to sneak into Outpost Three. Then, Brock stabs her in the face.

Hello, Witches

At the party, the group bobs for apples and collectively takes a bite of the apples with permission from Venable. The poison works and they all die. Venable and Mead go to Langdon’s room to finish their plan by killing him, too. Unsurprisingly, things don’t go according to plan. Mead shoots Venable instead of Langdon.

We find out that Mead was constructed after Langdon’s caretaker, which is why Mead has memories of taking care of him as a child.

The episode ends with a moment fans have been waiting for with some of the witches (Madison, Myrtle, and Cordelia) from Coven arriving at Outpost Three. Cordelia instructs the other two to “find our sisters,” and brings Mallory, Coco, and Dinah back to life. The episode ends with Madison saying her memorable line from Coven once again. “Surprise, b****. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

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This episode definitely shook things up quite a bit. The witches from Coven are here, and we also have a trio of new witches in our midst. We will see if any of the other characters are brought back from the dead or if this is the end for the rest of them.