A female-led superhero TV show from Marvel could be coming to ABC


ABC announced they are developing a new TV series full of Marvel female superheroes, and the show is being written by the Wonder Woman screenplay writer.

There is a lot of exciting news this week related to Marvel and new superhero content. There’s also a lot going on about female superheroes in the Marvel universe. We learned this week that Disney is developing a limited series for their new streaming service and is planning on making a Scarlet Witch series. The Captain Marvel trailer also came out early this week, giving us more of a look into the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel Studios.

Now, we are learning that ABC has committed to creating a series that will feature female Marvel superheroes.

This project is coming from the man who wrote the screenplay for Wonder Woman, Allan Heinberg. The details about this project have not been released yet, so we don’t know which characters are going to be featured.

If the project does end up going ahead and getting made, it will be the latest of a series of Marvel projects to air on ABC. The longest running of these shows has been Agents of SHIELD which got renewed for a sixth season in May.

Now that Disney is creating its streaming service, which is supposed to launch next year, people have been speculating whether this would impact shows on ABC. But, it looks like ABC still has plans to create at least one new series in the Marvel universe.

We are excited by this announcement and hope that it does go forward. Unfortunately, another female-led series on ABC, Agent Carter, was canceled after two seasons. But, since then, series like Jessica Jones have a had a lot of success. We are loving that more female superhero shows and movies are being created.

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Which characters would you like to see in this show? Are you excited about the prospect of a television show like this?

(H/T Variety)