Brie Larson has a question about her leaked Captain Marvel action figure


Images of some of the first Captain Marvel toys were leaked on Reddit, and even Brie Larson has some questions about the toys.

As pretty much all Marvel fans are aware, the first trailer for Captain Marvel was released this week. Fans are understandably pretty excited, and we are, too. It is about time that Marvel released a movie with a woman as the lead role. After 10 years and multiple movies, it is way past due.

Of course, fans of the MCU, especially those involved in the fandom, are always looking to piece together clues about the movies before they come out. Fans will scour the trailers, posters, and even study action figures to get clues on what they think is going to happen in the films.

So it’s no surprise that images of Captain Marvel action figures were leaked by a fan on Reddit even before the trailer came out.

"Captain Marvel Toys Leak Ahead Of Trailer Release. Photos Confirm Sentry for the Movie. from MarvelStudiosSpoilers"

The images show Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, a Skrull, and a character from the comics known as Sentry. Fans are speculating if this means that character will appear in the movies, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The action figure of Carol Danvers includes two additional hands and “an additional head,” and Brie Larson herself has questions about this.

She even posted about the action figure on Twitter, asking, “What’s the additional head?” and tagging Marvel Studios.

We assume this means a different facial expression or a different head with a helmet or something, but the fact Larson took time to tweet about this is pretty funny.

The pictures of the Fury action figure are also pretty great. Fans are excited to see Fury in his youth in the film, and this action figure would make a great collectible.

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We have to say, we love seeing action figures of female superheroes and are looking forward to seeing more Captain Marvel merchandise in the next few months.