We can’t get over young Nick Fury’s look in Captain Marvel new pictures


We have our first look at official pictures from Captain Marvel. And that photo of a young Nick Fury has us excited for so many reasons

Brie Larson wanted to break the internet today, so Entertainment Weekly released the first official photos from Captain Marvel  earlier today.

There’s so much to digest from them all (even if we only got pictures instead of a trailer), but the one that struck us the most? The one that really hyped up our excitement for all of the back story? Three words:

Young Nick Fury.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look here. Look, we knew Marvel would age down Samuel L. Jackson for this. They’ve done so well in the past for Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War, Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Michael Douglas in Ant-Man.

But this picture. This is a Samuel L. Jackson straight out of Jurassic Park. It’s a Nick Fury who’s battled velociraptors in another universe and is ready for the oncoming Skrull invasion. Even if he’s just a desk jockey at SHIELD right now. Skrulls are nothing compared to live dinosaurs!

Plus, if Nick Fury looks this good, can you just imagine how fantastic Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson will be?

What matters most in this photo isn’t how young he looks; be still has both of his eyes! That’s a big change for his character, as we still don’t know how Fury loses his eye. The closest we’ve come is the line in Captain America: Winter Soldier when he says, “The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.”

It’s a good possibility that we’ll watch Fury lose an eye in Captain Marvel. And everything will come full circle in the MCU, from Fury losing an eye to that infamous post-credits stinger from Iron Man—“You think you’re the only superhero in the world?”

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Captain Marvel flies into theaters March 8, 2019. Let the fan theories commence!