5 scenes we’re dying to see in the first Captain Marvel trailer


Fans are anxiously awaiting a Captain Marvel trailer after seeing the first images of the hero in her film. With a trailer on the way, we’d love to see these things in action.

We all know the clock is ticking for the ever-expected Captain Marvel trailer. The movie will be out in about six months, and we still haven’t seen a sliver of actual footage. Luckily, signs seem to show that a first trailer will be on its way very soon, and that’s leaving us dreaming about all cool things we can see in the surely spectacular trailer.

With the first trailer typically being a teaser, we know it won’t give away too much — so we can’t expect to see anything too revealing. But based on what we know so far about the movie, here’s what we hope to see in Captain Marvel‘s first trailer:

What devastation the Skrulls can do

It might be a lot to start off talking about destruction and devastation right out the gate, but Captain Marvel needs to be equally matched to have a challenge. That means we’re hoping we get to see just a taste of the conflict that awaits Captain Marvel and the rest of the Kree as they take on the formidable Skrulls and their leader, Talos. Will we get a glimpse of the Skrulls as shapeshifters, too, or will that be saved for the movie itself?

Ronan being a not-so-bad guy

Not to say we don’t think Ronan is capable of being a “good guy,” but we just need to see proof that Ronan was renowned by the Kree like they say he was. In Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s pretty clear he’s not very liked. So we’d just like to see one glimmer of proof that shows Ronan’s not as mean as he was GOTG.

Carol Danvers and “Mar-Vell” mentoring it out

For some reason, Jude Law’s character Walter Lawson hasn’t officially been introduced as Mar-Vell, but IMDb definitely says so as of now. In the comics, Mar-Vell ushers Captain Marvel through the whole half-human, half-Kree thing, and this mentorship-like relationship will be carried into the movie. Jude Law opened up about his admiration for Brie Larson that mirrors the two’s characters in Captain Marvel, so we’ll hopefully see something that shows that same sentiment in the trailer.

Young Nick Fury and Phil Coulson at SHIELD

We definitely, certainly, most exquisitely want to see a young Nick Fury and Phil Coulson in action. These two won’t be the SHIELD higher-ups that we’ve known them to be in previous movies; they’ll be just starting out in their career. That being said, we’d absolutely love to see Fury and Coulson have a WTF moment when they see how much protecting SHIELD does when it comes to bizarre stuff (like alien invasions and wars).

Carol Danvers as a ’90s kid

Let’s face it, Carol Danvers is that true ’90s kid that only remembers fads like chokers, Nirvana and Rugrats. So we’re really hoping this trailer shows us just how ’90s the world of Carol Danvers can be. In one photo, we see Carol wearing a Nine Inch Nails shirt, and Clark Gregg joked that Phil Coulson loves MC Hammer pants. While a good portion of the movie is supposedly going to take place in space, we hope the bits of Earth we do get to see will be totally rad.

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What are you looking forward to seeing in the Captain Marvel trailer? Hopefully all will be revealed in the teaser trailer sooner rather than later.