Jude Law took cues from Robert Downey Jr. before joining Captain Marvel


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jude Law gave some insights into his Captain Marvel character and talked about joining the MCU.

We are all still hyped up after the exclusive Captain Marvel reveals were released by Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday. While we are still waiting for the trailer, analyzing the photos and getting more information from some of the actors is keeping us going until then.

Entertainment Weekly also talked to Jude Law about his upcoming role in Captain Marvel. This role will be his debut in the MCU. Law has also starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the Sherlock Holmes movies, and he said that Downey gave him a roadmap to follow:

"He had just done the first Iron Man when we first worked together. So I’ve sort of followed his journey and relationship with Marvel throughout, really. I don’t know that he ever gave me any advice, but he obviously had a great time making these. He talked a little bit about how [making a Marvel movie is like] fitting this one piece into a bigger picture that someone else has got their eyes on, and giving yourself over to that. It’s not about trying to understand everything. Just do your piece."

While the name of Law’s character hasn’t officially been released yet, we do know that he will be part of Starforce and Carol Danvers’ mentor (much like Mar-Vell was in the comics). This team is a specialized military force that includes Danvers, Korath, and Minerva (played by Gemma Chan). Law’s character is the leader of this group, and he is Kree. Captain Marvel, as you might remember, gains her powers from being part Kree as well as part human.

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the Kree to the MCU, but it looks like Captain Marvel will explore their society even further. The Kree are focused on community, and individuality is not considered a virtue. The film will also feature the war between the Kree and their enemy, the Skrulls.

Law also told EW  how close his character is with Carol Danvers:

"These extraordinary powers she has, he sees them as something of a blessing and something that she has to learn how to control. That’s a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one’s emotions and to use your powers wisely.There’s a lot and back and forth that comes with the two of them, which kind of creates a little bit of tension with the rest of Starforce. Like, ‘Why do they have a special relationship, and why isn’t it me?’"

We are really excited to learn more about Law’s character, and equally excited for his debut in the MCU. It seems that almost all of our favorite actors are joining the Marvel universe these days, and we are glad to see Jude Law join the ranks. We are also wondering how returning characters such as Ronan, played by Lee Pace, will interact with Law’s character. Hopefully, the trailer will give us a little more insight on what’s next.

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Do you have any fan theories about Jude Law’s Kree character? What do you think of him so far?