Netflix originals you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Leo: Elite

Leos are born leaders, drawn towards fame, popularity, and drama. They are dominant and secretive, and carefully calculate their every move so as not to display any weakness. Though they may be seen as too intense or sometimes are portrayed as bullies, Leos are hard-workers who fight to maintain order in their lives, not letting anything come between them and their goals. For this reason, their chosen Netflix original is Elite.

Elite is a Spanish-language drama that focuses on three scholarship students who are enrolled into Spain’s most elite high school, Las Encinas, When one of their classmates is found dead, police intervention and interrogations begin to reveal the intense, dangerous, and dark things that these prestigious students are involved in. Think of Elite as Riverdale meets How To Get Away With Murder meets Spain. Based on the trailer, it looks like Leos will find themselves in the midst of drama, mystery, and secrets: all things that make for a fascinating and thrilling show. Incorporating the added bonus of romantic elements and the show taking place in Spain, to top it all off, we think that this drama is the perfect show to watch.

Elite will be released to Netflix on October 5.