Netflix originals you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Virgo: Our Planet

Virgos are very-detailed and focused on the world around them. They are practical, have a love for animals and nature, and try to finish tasks on their own without any help. They love communication and use it as a means of expressing their thoughts and the thoughts of others. Virgos tend to take on journalistic approaches to voicing their opinions, yet are unafraid to “get their hands dirty” and help others. Our Planet is our choice for Virgos.

Coming from the creators of Planet Earth, Netflix will release this eight-part series which has been filmed for over four years all over the world. Our Planet promises to bring us never before seen footage of rare occurrences in the wild, new and undiscovered animals/wild life, and the current conditions of our planet. Virgos will appreciate the new look into our planet’s ecosystem and will be fascinated by just how close cameras were able to get to these creatures.

Though it won’t be released until 2019, this highly-anticipated series sounds like a fascinating and well-informed documentation of our world and will teach us more about the unbelievable things that dwell in its space, as well as the importance of taking the means to ensure that we save our home and the home of these incredible creatures.