Netflix originals you should watch based on your zodiac sign

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Cancer: Hilda

Those born under the sign of Cancer are much like Pisces, in that they can be very in touch with their emotions and are sympathetic towards others. They are loyal, good-hearted, and care deeply about their friends and family. Those with the sign of Cancer enjoy adventure, being one with nature, and sticking close to their roots. Art and beauty play a big role in how they view the world, choosing to focus on the good. However, should they be threatened by an outside force, they are unafraid to fight to keep balance. Knowing this, Hilda seems like the perfect pairing for this zodiac sign.

Based on the comic book series by Luke Pearson, Hilda revolves around the blue-haired protagonist of the same name who ventures out from her village, coming upon the city of Trolberg, a world entirely different from the place where she grew up. Full of amazing and unimaginable creatures, Hilda reminds its viewers of Disney’s Gravity Falls with a twist. With her loyal and trusty side-kick (Twig) at her side, Hilda looks like it will make imaginations run-wild. They may find that this show tugs at their heartstrings as they relate to Hilda’s story of Hilda’s life with family and magical friends.

Hilda will be released September 21.