Fan art envisions Michael B. Jordan as the new Superman


With rumors that Henry Cavill is out as the DCEU’s Superman, one artist has created art that envisions Michael B. Jordan as the new Man of Steel.

Warner Bros. has not indicated any real plans for future projects featuring Superman. And yet, the rumor mill has been extremely active since news broke that a planned cameo for Henry Cavill in Shazam! had been scrapped. In the face of these rumors, one name emerged as a possible replacement: Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan has previously played a superhero in the Fantastic Four, and he has also been a villain in the recent Black Panther film. This means that the actor has experience in the realm of superhero movies, so the idea of him taking on the part of Superman is not nearly as far-fetched as some might believe.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of these rumors is the fact that they led to fan art envisioning Michael B. Jordan in the role of Superman.

Thanks to BossLogic, who is known for his epic fan art, we now know what Jordan might look like as the Man of Steel. And while the artist makes it clear he is just having “some fun with the rumor,” the art itself has definitely gotten people talking.

In the comments section of his tweet, fans of the actor responded to the rumors of Jordan potentially being the next Superman, as well as this version of the character. The reaction seemed to be rather mixed, with some people thinking it could be a good idea, while others felt that the actor would not be right for the part.

According to Screen Rant, there are a lot of factors that would contribute to Michael B. Jordan being able to take on the role of Superman. While he has experience in the superhero genre, he is also an in-demand actor with a schedule that might not work with the DCEU.

At the same time, there is a possibility that he could be involved with the Creed franchise for some time to come. And depending on scheduling for those movies, it might make playing Superman a challenge. Plus, this is not the first time he has been attached to a Warner Bros. project — remember those Matrix reboot rumors? — so far nothing coming out of the rumors.

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Even if Michael B. Jordan does not become the next Superman, at least we have BossLogic’s artwork to help us see what could have been. There is a lot to be said for fan art helping to make dreams come true, and this was definitely something many of us wanted to see, even if it is just as a bit of fun.