DC Comics wants you to vote on the very best Batsuit ever (yes, really)


Do you have strong opinions on the sartorial choices of Batman? DC Comics wants to hear about them in a new voting contest.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Batman yearly. That’s why there’s a Batman Day in the first place. This year’s iteration is coming up, though, and it seems as though DC Comics might have run out of particularly strong ideas.

That’s why the fan vote this year is based on the Batsuit.

We wish that we were kidding you. We really do. But there’s an official bracket and everything, naturally using that black and yellow color scheme that we expect from anything and everything Dark Knight-related.

Granted, some of the other mediums that Batman appears in are represented here, thanks to both Batman Beyond and Batman ’66 making it in. Of course, some of the more infamous suits — Rainbow Batman and Zebra Batman among them — are also here.

But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it seems a little odd to not have chosen Batsuits from animation, the live-action films, and games like Batman: Arkham Asylum. No, the Batsuits from the Joel Schumacher movies shouldn’t be on here, because no one needs to remember them, but to not have Batman: The Animated Series represented seems like a significant misstep.

In fact, this entire thing seems like a bit of a misstep in general, like a grasp at something resembling social interaction that isn’t overwhelmingly negative after the Titans trailer and photos, both of which were excoriated here at Culturess, dropped. But then you get back to the whole issue with the weird options made here, and it’s not great all around.

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That all being said, the best Batsuit here is the Batman Beyond option, because it proves that at least one Batman knows how to use color without becoming a complete and total eyesore.