First Titans trailer gives us a dark and brutal Robin who hates Batman


This is not the Teen Titans you remember. In this first trailer for the new DC Universe series, we meet a dark and brutal Robin, who is no fan of Batman.

The first trailer for Titans dropped today, and it is a dark and gritty departure from Batman’s loyal sidekick Robin. The original scripted series will be available on streaming service DC Universe, where special experiences and exclusive content live.

While you may remember the Teen Titans as a group of younger heroes coming into their own, and being overall a lighthearted and fun bunch — this live-action series is definitely not that. Instead, with this new trailer, we get a Dick Grayson/Robin who is dark, and even brutal.

From the brief glimpses we get of Robin in his loft, he seems tortured and angry. It isn’t clear what has brought him to this place, but it is very clear his relationship with Batman is not good.

How bad are things? In an alley fight scene, Robin takes out a group of bad guys. When asked where the Caped Crusader is, Robin replies:”F— Batman.”

Although most of the focus of this first trailer seems to be on Brenton Thwaites and his Robin, he is certainly not alone. We also get to see the other Titans who will make up the team, even if there is no hint of a team up in this trailer. We see Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy, Anna Diop’s Starfire, and Teagan Croft’s Raven.

Overall, this trailer showcases a darkness that network TV might not be prepared for, especially when it comes to the Titans. However, with DC Universe allowing the show to be whatever it needs to be, fans will get a much grittier take on these characters. That includes a Robin who by day is a police detective, and by night is a vigilante willing to take the law into his own hands.

While Bruce Wayne/Batman was never much for violence in the comics and many of the movies we have seen him in, it is clear that for Robin, violence is at the very least one of his answers.

Watch the trailer below:

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Although this is only our first look at Titans, it is definitely an interesting one. Will this tortured Robin be able to bring other Titans together, help them own their powers and abilities, all to form a team of superheroes? Or will he be the one in their way?