New images surface of live-action Titans characters and they are interesting to say the least


Images of the Titans cast surfaced from the set. Some of the looks are cool, others are different and we want to talk about it.

DC fans are getting the show they have been waiting for very soon. It’s called Titans and will be a live-action adaption of the beloved comic book and TV series Teen Titans.

On Wednesday, the Twitter account @badpostitans posted photos from the set of Titans, revealing all of our favorite characters. In the pictures, we can see Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy and Raven up close and personal.

Some of the costumes are fairly similar to the original and others are leaving us scratching our heads a bit. We are breaking down each character and see what is happening.

Let’s start with Brenton Thwaites who’s playing Robin. He has a simple look, a hoodie with a thicker jacket and he carries a brown bag.

I’m guessing this is the “Don’t look at me, I’m a normal guy” outfit. Thwaites has a serious look on his face and honestly, it looks like he could be the traditional Boy Wonder we all know and love.

Next is Teagan Croft who’s playing Raven in Titans. She doesn’t look exactly like I would’ve had wanted her too…. Raven does look like the “emo” gal who everyone is a bit afraid of. With that said, her outfit is a bit dull. Where is the famous cape and hood?! Her hair is awesome and Croft is a good choice, so I hope this is not her main costume.

Next to Croft is Ryan Potter who’s playing Beast Boy. Beat Boy’s costume and overall look is my favorite so far. While his costume was extremely different in the original, he looks the most like the character. His hair is perfect, and so is his smile. Swoon!

Finally, we have to talk about is Anna Diop who’s playing Starfire. Starfire is my favorite character from the original show and her outfit has us scratching our heads.

I’m in love with Diop’s hair, but the outfit is not what I had envisioned at all. The dress she’s wearing is a very late-90s/early 2000s look, which I normally like. But I’m not feeling it. I think they could have made it into a crop top with some black jeans (minus the fur coat) so that it looks modern and cool.

Now, this is just a first look at Titans, so don’t freak out if you are a die-hard fan. It seems like these are their regular outfits which wouldn’t be that big of a deal. If that is the case, then we can’t judge this too harshly.

I am looking forward to seeing what else will happen to all the characters as well as the Titans universe.

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Currently, there is no official release date for Titans or DC’s streaming service where it will be available, but it will most likely be out in later 2018 or early 2019.