The first look at AHS’ Murder House and Coven crossover has us beyond scared


A sneak peek at American Horror Story: Apocalypse previews Murder House and Coven favorites coming together, and yea, we’re scared.

Everyone has their favorite season of American Horror Story and now, Apocalypse is bringing back two fan favorites! Murder House, the first season of the show, is often ranked as one of the top seasons of the show overall. And Coven bewitched us, of course.

Both Coven and Murder House‘s characters gave fans plenty to fall in love with as well as fear. So why wouldn’t Ryan Murphy and company combine them when bringing the antichrist that Vivien Harmon birthed at the end of season 1?

In a new teaser for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, we get a glimpse of our favorite witch coven strutting in chic black looks (of course), and Ben Harmon lighting a match, perhaps to take a peek at the horrors that await him.

We a see a few character mixes as well, including the versatile Sarah Paulson who plays Supreme Witch Cordelia Foxx in Coven and medium Billie Dean Howard for Murder House.

On top of multiple characters per actor, we’re also set to see the return of Tate and Violet. The teenage love story from the series’ first season inspired fans to make fan videos and more about these two cursed lovers. What fate awaits them and everyone else, for that matter?

We’ll wait and see if the ghosts from Murder House welcome the end of time or if the witches we love from Coven will be able to stop it.

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