American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy’s latest photo shows Violet and Tate


Ryan Murphy continues to hype fans up with set photos on Instagram. This time releasing a photo of Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters on set.

Ryan Murphy has been using Instagram to share set photos of the cast on AHS Apocalypse. This is the fifth set photo from this season he has put up. The first was of three of the witches from Coven, with Stevie Nicks also appearing.

Then, a photo of the the Harmons from the Murder House season followed by a picture of Emma Roberts standing in the rubble at the Murder House. Then, three days ago he showed fans a picture of Evan Peters’ return, saying “Tate. Happy to be home.”

However, the most recent photo shows the two actors sitting together on a bench in the Murder House underneath a stained glass window. In the first season, Farmiga played Violet Harmon and Peters played Tate Langdon. The two were teenage lovers, and their pairing was a favorite among fans.

We must say we hope that Violet stays away from him, or more like that he stays away from her in Apocalypse as at the end of the series some pretty unpleasant things were revealed about that character. Not only was he a school shooter in his human life, he also raped Violet’s mother and is the father of the antichrist child, Michael Langdon, produced from that act. This character was shown briefly as a child in Murder House and is reported to feature as a character in Apocalypse.

The character or Tate is dark and violent, and we don’t know how to take the tone of the Instagram post. Let us hope that there is no reuniting of the two characters, given that he assaulted her mother and has proven to be pretty evil all around.

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We are, however, looking forward to seeing how Coven and Murder House are combined and how the different threads are woven in the upcoming season. Also, we would like to see a picture of Jessica Lange on set, please!