American Horror Story: Apocalypse will see the return of the Antichrist, and yea, we’re scared


It seems as if American Horror Story: Apocalypse not only harkens back to a previous season but features the Antichrist himself!

Every season of American Horror Story gets wilder and wilder. It seems the latest is going to bring us back to Murder House and give us the Antichrist storyline we’ve been waiting for.

Ryan Murphy revealed to fans that Cody Fern will star as an older version of Michael Langdon. For those who forgot, the end of the first season resulted in Vivien Harmon giving birth to twins, one that died as she did and one that Constance Langdon took. The twins were a result of Tate Langdon’s masked rape of Vivien.

Because of Tate’s deceased status, the twins became that of the Antichrist and thus brought on the end of days. With the set up of the show, we didn’t get to see much of what was to come because the next season took us to a different story. Still, now we’ll get to see what happened with Michael Langdon all grown up.

Does this mean a return for Tate and Violet? Will Vivien get to see her son grow up despite being murdered in the house? Is Jessica Lange going to be there? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Now, AHS could see a shift in the show as Disney and Fox reached an agreement today and one of the assets being sold to Disney was American Horror Story. 

What could that mean for this show that has had its horrifying mixed bag of violence and gore plus a hefty amount of sex scenes? We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, Disney will continue to honor the tone of the show that Ryan Murphy has maintained through all these seasons.

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