10 most used phrases in The 100 and what they mean

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7. “From the ashes, we will rise.”

This is another slogan, however this time it originated from the Second Dawn cult. They’re an organization created before the first apocalypse whose belief was that the end of the world was near and they aimed to build a safe bunker to escape death and live on.

This slogan was printed on the bunker entrance, which aided Jaha in finding it to save his own people, and connotes to the survivors of the apocalypse thriving and ascending to a better world.

Unbeknownst to us and the characters, until season 5, the Second Dawn also coined the Grounder phrases “Your fight is over” and “Blood must have blood.” But this must have slowly lost its origin over time.

This is also why “From the ashes, we will rise” is found in Grounder prayers. At the start of the show, this line wouldn’t have meant anything significant and could have implicated to an afterlife. However, it is later revealed to be a direct reference to the Grounders ancestors who rose from their bunker, surviving the radiation.

The saying encourages hope, strength and community as the use of “we” is very inclusive and
“will” creates a sense of certainty and power, which is what the Grounders constantly promote.