10 most used phrases in The 100 and what they mean

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The 100 — “Hakeldama” — Pictured: Erica Cerra as Alie — Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

6. “Seek higher things. / Ashenda superiors.”

“Seek higher things” was the slogan of Becca’s company, the scientist who created A.L.I.E, the artificial intelligence invented to help the human race. This A.I. actually ends up believing the world is overpopulated and initiates the nuclear apocalypse, wiping out almost all life on Earth.

“Ashenda superiors” is the non-literal Latin translation of this phrase as Becca wrote a lot of her notes in Latin. This is most commonly known as the passcode to activate A.L.I.E 2.0, a second A.I. whose aim was to shut down the first A.L.I.E.

This second chip holds the consciousness of all of the Grounder commanders who had melded their mind with the A.I. and is therefore very significant to Clarke, being a link to her deceased lover, Lexa, and to Madi whose mind is currently linked to the chip.

“Seek higher things” was clearly a motto that Becca aimed to live by and probably inspired her to help people. However, it is most usually spoken in order to activate the chip and delegate the new commander. It was used throughout season 5 whilst Madi ascended to be the new leader and can have a variety of meanings.

Whilst the expression can encourage self-improvement, it could also connote to the commanders rising up above the rest of humanity and being of a higher authority.