10 most used phrases in The 100 and what they mean

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The 100 — “Shifting Sands” — Image Number: HUN505a_0254.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Eliza Taylor as Clarke, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Bob Morley as Bellamy — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

8. “You are WonKru, or you are the enemy of WonKru.”

As Octavia becomes the leader of the remaining human race inhabiting the bunker during season 5, which was made up of a selection of people from 13 different clans, she initially struggles to control disagreements and anarchy.

Octavia is under strain and realizes that in order to survive in a bunker compressed with different cultures and opinions, she must unite everyone against their will and erase any separate clans that were previously distinguished, which later becomes somewhat of an obsession for her.

Forcing everyone to be a part of one group that Octavia names WonKru discourages people from discriminating against each other. Whilst attacking anyone who is spreading hatred and going against the collective goals of the majority, Octavia asks each of her followers a simple question; “You are Wonkru, or You are the enemy of WonKru. Choose!”

Octavia originally slaughters several citizens whilst confronting the crowd of rebels. However, the people are quickly persuaded and kneel down to her proposal, initiating a peaceful six years in the bunker.

However, this power takes its toll on Octavia and she desperately latches on to this phrase even after WonKru is rescued from the bunker. She denies the names of all of the old clans, declaring them as “a memory.” Octavia even threatens her own brother, Bellamy, when he disagrees with her decisions, suggesting anybody who is not entirely devoted to the ambition of WonKru is her enemy.

This becomes a massive tool in the war throughout season 5. Octavia refuses to surrender to the Eligius Corporation, who holds dominion over the last habitable land on Earth, in the name of pride and arrogance. For Octavia, anyone who does not worship WonKru, no matter what their individual circumstances or their relation to her, is an enemy.

The phrase further encourages a cult-like mindset and the disregard for personal opinions or feelings. It’s unrealistically black and white. The fact that it is used repeatedly as WonKru’s motto suitably sums up the atmosphere in the bunker and Octavia’s corruption.