25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“High Horse” – Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is serving sexy ‘70s country girl realness in the “High Horse” video, and we love every minute of it. She has every 1970s style base covered, from the conservative jumpsuit to disco diva lamé party dresses.

Kacey starts the video out in an office, gabbing with her female coworkers over coffee. Her hair is feathered out Farrah Fawcett style, and she’s rocking an orange jumpsuit that is so perfectly retro. The scene then transitions to Kacey and her coworkers heading out to the club. She’s in another jumpsuit, but this time it’s a sparkly, disco jumpsuit. Meanwhile, her hair is pin straight, paired with big hoop earrings.

If the jumpsuits weren’t enough throwback fashion for you, she also wears a stunning rainbow lamé dress while she twirls around the dance floor. She also has a little flower power moment, in a tank top, extra-short jean shorts, knee-high boots, and some flowers in her tied back hair.

In true Studio 54 fashion, Kacey leaves the nightclub on a white horse ( à la Bianca Jagger) in a silver jacket and matching silver pants. Even though it was all just a work daydream in the end, the looks that Kacey pulled in this video were real — and they were fabulous.

When you do a music video set in another decade, it’s easy for it to come off as cheesy and over the top, but Kacey definitely hit the mark with “High Horse.” The outfits are subtle and clearly inspired by the styles of the era, but they could all still be worn today.