25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“Stop Me From Falling” – Kylie Minogue feat. Gente de Zona

Kylie Minogue has been popping out hits for decades now, and we know she can pull a look in a music video. Even at the age of 50, the Australian star is not about to slow down, and in the music video for “Stop Me From Falling” she is rocking some fun, fashionable, and sexy ensembles.

For such a fun, summery song like this one, which features reggaeton group Gente de Zona, you had to expect Kylie to be in some great dresses that she could dance around in, and she delivered. Kylie lays out in the sun surrounded by handsome men in a floral tea dress that moves beautifully in the wind while dancing on the beach.

Sticking with the Latin theme, Kylie looks like the dancer emoji come to life. She also sports a sexy frilly red dress, with her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and accessorized with a red flower. She dances around the courtyard and looks like a real beauty.

Then the video turns into a full blown festival. Kylie slips into a dazzling pink sequin dress and dances around the streets of Havana surrounded by dancers in festive costumes. Confetti falls from the sky while everyone is dancing, and they all look like they’re having the time of their lives.

Kylie has been around for so long that she could stop trying and everyone would still love whatever she put out. But that’s not Kylie’s style, and even after a long, successful career, she’s still giving us dance hits, and pulling out all the looks. Best of all, she looks like she’s still having fun while she does it.