25 of the most heartbreaking TV finales that make us cry every time

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The original finale to Scrubs was a perfect send–off to this quirky comedy. Centered around friends J.D. and Turk and their lives at Sacred Heart Hospital, the comedy paved the way for the out-there comedies we’ve now come to love. What worked with Scrubs was its complete lack of trying to fit into a mold.

So often, we place our television shows into these specific archetypes. They have to follow the pattern and if they deviate, we cancel them. Scrubs took that idea and threw it out the window with characters that made no sense, episodes that didn’t really have context in the full season, and a janitor who’s name was Janitor and J.D.’s goal was to discover his real name.

We all love Scrubs for different reasons and that’s what makes it so special, all of it is dependent on who is watching. You could love it for the friendship between Turk and J.D., but your best friend might relate more to Elliot. There is something for everyone, and so watching as J.D. left Sacred Heart felt like we were saying goodbye to our best friend.

Lucky for us all, the show is still on the mind of Zach Braff, and we may just see a revival yet.