25 of the most heartbreaking TV finales that make us cry every time

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You know how dinosaurs are extinct? Well, the show Dinosaurs wanted us to remember why with a really big lesson. The end of the series not only depicted our favorite characters meeting their ends but also showed us what taking nature for granted could lead to.

When Earl is left in charge of the world, he soon finds out that he couldn’t handle the responsibility. The results? End of days for all those who depended on Earl. So really, Dinosaurs wanted us to be left questioning our place as human beings.

Just to remind everyone, this is a children’s show. Dinosaurs was fun and light-hearted throughout most the series, so this ending was completely out of left field and depressing. Granted, it makes sense, since we’re watching a show about beings that no longer exist. But they didn’t have to throw our own waste of resources in our faces as well. We were just kids.

It hit in a way that still has people talking. The show ended in 1994. And to this day, if you ask people what show had the saddest ending, Dinosaurs is one of the contenders. As kids, we weren’t prepared to watch the dinosaurs leave us, and as adults, we realize the message the show was putting out into the world. Now, we just have to heed Earl’s warning.