Taika Waititi is back as Korg to recruit us all for the revolution


It’s time for Taika Waititi (or Korg, rather) to recruit us all for his brand new revolution, shown here in this hilarious video for Marvel Contest of Champions.

Korg: he’s just a Kronan who really likes revolutions and misses his friend named Doug. We first saw the comic book character on the big screen in Thor: Ragnarok, and now he’s making his return on the small screen… the really small screen.

Taika Waititi once again voiced the beloved rock guy for a promo video for Marvel Contest of Champions, a mobile game that’ll make you want to join the revolution. But this time, it’s not just any revolution. It’s the Revolution 2.0.

In the video (H/T to CBR for finding it),  Korg introduces the new characters that are available to play in the game. But first, he takes roll call for all who are invited to the revolution. We get a quick glimpse of Valkyrie, who doesn’t appear enthused to be there, and the three-headed alien that was featured in Ragnarok (one of whose heads was actually Taika Waititi’s.)

You can watch the hilarious clip of Korg down below. And if it makes it any better, Korg’s BFF Miek is with him, who’s alive and better than ever.

While Korg seems alive and well in this video game, we don’t know for sure if he actually survived through Thanos’ snap or not. The Russo brothers did reveal that Valkyerie survived (and is hopefully on a mission to continuing saving the Asgardians), but they didn’t want to say if Korg made it through.

It’s quite possible that they just hadn’t considered if they wanted him to survive at the time. And that makes sense if he doesn’t really have a part in Avengers 4, since it wouldn’t matter one way or another.

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We’re just hoping that Korg survived Thanos’ attack of the Asgardian ship before he snapped his fingers. Because if the Avengers can undo the snap in Avengers 4, it’s likely Korg (and hopefully Miek) can be saved.