Tessa Thompson apparently wore a $10,000 wig in Thor: Ragnarok


Director Boots Riley revealed that while shooting Sorry Not to Bother you and Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson cost Disney a pretty penny for needing a little prop.

Hair in Hollywood always seems to cause a ruckus. Just look at Henry Cavill, whose Mustachegate cost Paramount millions of dollars because he just couldn’t use a prop mustache in Mission Impossible: Fallout.

While that could have been the last hair-related fiasco to rock Hollywood (okay, maybe “rock” is a bit much), it seems like Tessa Thompson is the next star stirring a lot of concern about a hairy situation. According to Sorry to Bother You’s director Boots Riley, Tessa Thompson had to wear one pricey wig for Thor: Ragnarok. But just how pricey? We’re talking $10,000. At least, that’s how much Riley said it cost Disney to make.

Riley spoke to The Huffington Post to promote his movie and talked about how he had to share Tessa Thompson’s time, who was also doing Thor: Ragnarok reshoots while filming Sorry. As the Huffington Post reports from Riley, Thompson had a complete hair change when filming the Riley movie. It called for a short, light ‘do as seen in the photo tweeted below. Unfortunately, because Tessa had dramatically changed her hair for that role, it meant she’d have to don a wig for the Ragnarok reshoots. You know, the movie where her character has long, dark hair; definitely not a light, curly bob.

Because the wig was so expensive, Disney apparently wasn’t too happy with what happened. So Riley said he called Ragnarok‘s director, Taika Waititi to apologize for what happened. And Waititi, being his typical Waititi-self was fine with it, according to the story. “He was like, ‘It’s not my money!’” Riley said in the HuffPost story.

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In all honesty, Disney’s disapproval of this expensive hair decision is not the response they should have had. Tessa Thompson, both a brilliant actress and a brilliant human being, deserves nothing but the best. So if it’s a $10,000 wig she needs, then so be it.

And really, let’s just say Disney is making an investment if she appears in more Marvel movies. That wig will be paying tremendous dividends in no time!