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1974 – Blazing Saddles

There are comedies that are classics and then there is Blazing Saddles. It truly is one of those movies that you can’t explain but you just have to see it. A Mel Brooks comedy set in the wild, wild west, the movie stars the ever hilarious Gene Wilder.

There are legends of each genre and Mel Brooks is definitely that for comedy. His movies are quick, filled with laughs, and also incredibly intelligent. Whether or not you think his humor is great, you won’t be bored going into a Mel Brooks film.

That and Gene Wilder in a Western is weirdly something that everyone should experience. It’s funny, entertaining, and the kind of movie that you’d get to watch whenever it was on television and then remember how much you like it.

Blazing Saddles weirdly holds up in a way that many comedies don’t (especially ones written in 1974) and that alone makes it a classic. Pair it with the comedy duo of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder and it isn’t that surprising that we still want to go on this journey with Jim, Bart, Lili and more!

Frankly, every Mel Brooks movie is fun so of course, Blazing Saddles was a success!