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1975 – Jaws

Jaws is the creation of Steven Spielberg where a murderous shark terrorizes a beach one summer. The name of the robotic shark used in the movie was Bruce (hence why the shark in Finding Nemo is named Bruce) and was so life-like that it terrified beachgoers from the release of the film on to even today.

In real life, sharks obviously do not go on rampages seeking revenge, and we highly doubt if that were the case, we’d just let three guys go out on their own in a boat (that definitely needed to be bigger) to stop it on their own. But in the film, we believe every terrifying moment. That’s due to the incredible acting of Robert Shaw (Quint), Roy Scheider (Martin Brody), and Richard Dreyfuss (Matt Hooper).

The movie was such a success that it spawned a series and, among all the movies, has continued to terrorize those who already didn’t like going into the water because of their fear of sharks.

Me, it’s me — I hate Jaws.