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1973 – The Exorcist

Who isn’t afraid of The Exorcist? A movie that truly brought the fear of being possessed by a demon intto the spotlight, it is one of those films that created its own genre, per say. Think about it, without The Exorcist, would we have all these movies about demonic possession?

The thing about The Exorcist is that it still is terrifying. No matter when you watch it, that fear of being possessed outside of your control is still there. So whether it is possession or a disease, the fear of succumbing to something that’s not within your right to fight remains strong.

So many horror movies are about screaming and running away from a madman with an ax but a movie like The Exorcist shows that sometimes, the most terrifying thing is an evil that is within yourself and you have no way of controlling it.

Obviously, the movie has some questionable material and we can’t really quote the most iconic line from the movie here but it is still regarded as one of the best horror movies out there. Maybe just don’t use a Quiji board any time soon.