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2000 – Gladiator

Gladiator brought us a very muscular Russell Crowe and gave us a unique look at the gladiators and their lives in Roman times.

A general loses everything and is forced into fighting as a gladiator while the emperor’s son is forcing countless men to fight for public entertainment. What we can thank Gladiator for is Joaquin Phoenix in maybe his best role and Russell Crowe crashing onto the screen. It was a movie filled with countless cameos and brilliant performances, so much so that we often forget about how important it really is.

Gladiator is one that you have to see at least once. Whether it is just to fulfill your cinephile list or because that’s part of a history that you really enjoy, Gladiator is a good movie and there really isn’t a bad performance in the entire movie. And that’s rare even in the best ones!