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1999 – The Matrix

When Neo was asked by Morpheus which pill he wanted to take, the world was suddenly interested in what the world of The Matrix had to offer us. With Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, the movie ushered in a new way for us to look at our action movies.

The Matrix followed Neo discovering that the world he thought he knew was not what he truly lived in. He was being plugged into the Matrix and, as the chosen one, was destined for greatness against Agent Smith.

With amazing fight scenes and using skills that actor Keanu Reeves mastered with his love of martial arts, the movie is truly one that left audiences wishing to be in this world even more. The Matrix trilogy is still unique. As much as it paved the way for future sci-fi films, this ’99 flick also rules on its own with its plot, series of films and cautionary messages about technology and the future.

They seemingly came out of left field and had us questioning everything around us. When we see double outfits? “That’s a glitch in the Matrix”. There are so many references in pop culture to The Matrix that it is just a movie you have to see to understand.