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1989 – Batman

While Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is labeled as the greatest now, he has one obvious rival. The original performance by Jack Nicholson in Batman is still one of the most demented performances out there.

Batman, with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and the Batman himself, is, to some, the dawning of the superhero movie as we now know it. Sure, Superman had come out but there is something different about Batman. Tim Burton brought the world of Gotham to us and these cheesy characters held a weight to them.

It is strange to think about a world before the Batman movies but these movies, and specifically Batman, brought on the new wave of superhero movies that we know and love. Truly, without Batman, we probably wouldn’t have had the Christopher Nolan movies or even the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And really, this first one had Michael Keaton, Billy Dee Williams, and Jack Nicholson in it giving performances like no other. They stepped up the idea of what a comic book movie should be and for that, we owe a lot of the cinema we know to Tim Burton and his vision for Gotham City and Batman.