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1990 – Home Alone

Kevin McAllister gets left behind when his family goes on a vacation and then he has to fend for himself against robbers who are after homes left behind for the holidays. Clearly, we all love Home Alone. Best time to watch this film is during the holidays, laughing at Kevin’s pranks with your family while sipping on plenty of hot cocoa.

We love to go on this journey with Kevin as he is trying to keep his house safe while his family is away. His mother is spending the entire movie trying to get back to Kevin but the rest of the family has left to enjoy their trip. No one bothered waking up Kevin because he’d gotten in trouble the night before and slept in the attic.

While living alone seems fun in the beginning, Kevin soon realizes that he isn’t old enough and misses his family but he knows that he has to protect their home. With elaborate traps and lots of gimmicks, Kevin wants to make sure that he and his home are safe.

It’s a fun movie and hilarious but it also reminds us the importance of family and what it means to love one another, especially during the holidays.