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1988 – Rain Man

Dustin Hoffman clearly is a wonderful actor but nothing really topped his performance in Rain Man. The story of two brothers, it is a movie about discovery and learning how to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) is the autistic older brother to Charlie (Tom Cruise) and when Charlie discovers he has an older brother, he has to adapt to life with his sibling with special needs. Granted, Charlie is fueled to help his brother out of greed for their father’s money, Charlie and Raymond take a cross-country trip when Charlie decides to move his brother out of the mental institution to bring him to Los Angeles.

Another Tom Cruise movie that reminds us that he’s truly a gifted actor, Rain Man is a cultural icon of a film. It’s a story everyone should watch at least once,

and has become one of the most endearing stories about brothers to this day.