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1987 – Dirty Dancing

Look everyone wants to do the lift from Dirty Dancing and if you don’t, then you’re lying to yourself.

A rich summer camp hires a dancer, Johnny, to teach lessons throughout the summer, around the same time a family comes to vacation there. Cue one predictabel plot: teacher falls in love with an innocent girl named Frances “Baby” Houseman.

When Johnny’s normal partner ends up pregnant, he needs someone to take over for a competition. So Baby steps in. The problem? She’s not that great of a dancer but she wants to live her life to the best of it and learn how to dance.

Obviously, it is romantic. Patrick Swayze teaching someone how to dance is definitely one of the sexiest things that has ever been on screen. With his hips and dancing about being calling her loverboy, the movie has entranced generations. Everyone wants a piece of Dirty Dancing.

There’s a reason this movie is still shown every summer on outdoor screens. It is definitely a classic and everyone should attempt to run and jump into someone’s arms as they lift them over their head at least once. We all need our Dirty Dancing moments and everyone deserves a summer love like that at least so they have the time of their lives.