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1986 – Top Gun

You know the line: “I feel the need—the need for speed!”

Decades later and people still love shouting Maverick and Goose’s classic line from the ’86 classic Top Gun. A wildly popular movie, the cast features Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan and more. Here is an important thing to note about Top Gun: Even I love Top Gun and I can’t stand Tom Cruise.

There are certain Tom Cruise movies that just have a power over you, whether or not you like the main actor. Top Gun is one of those movies that you watch and forget you are even watching Tom Cruise on screen.

Whether you’re into Maverick, Goose, or Ice Man, Top Gun has something for pretty much everyone to like. The movie isn’t perfect (but most aren’t) but still. “Take My Breath Away” plays and you can’t help but get excited about everything the movie has to offer you.

Pilots flying around, being bros, playing volleyball while all looking attractive? Yes, please. They’re making a new Top Gun and that’s not necessary. Not while this movie still holds up and is one of the greatest performances that Tom Cruise put out for us.