Jason Momoa’s major roles ranked by how much dedication you need to sit through them


Jason Momoa has had some parts in fairly major pop culture franchises, but if you’re ready to wade through his career, then you’ll need to prepare.

Aside from a brief moment in which the internet was not happy with Jason Momoa (for which he has since apologized), he has reclaimed his status as one of the internet’s top cuties. Since today is his birthday, we thought we’d take a look back at his career and make some recommendations, as we have for other stars in the past.

The thing is that Momoa’s been in a lot of stuff that may or may not have dubious quality. That means that Momoa enthusiasts might sit down and find that they have a great struggle before them to get through something that he features in.

In the spirit of making your Momoa celebrations a little easier, we’ve calibrated this list to show you how much dedication you’ll need to get through them.

Game of Thrones

Dedication level: Low

For quite a while in the popular consciousness, Momoa was none other than Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. (In some corners of said consciousness, he still is.)

In fact, if you just want to skip to Drogo holding a cute baby, watch the season 2 finale, “Valar Morghulis.” Between that and the fact that even in its first seasons, Game of Thrones is a pretty high-quality show, you’ll find it pretty easy to enjoy Momoa’s work here.

Every episode of Game of Thrones is available on HBO GO.

Justice League

Dedication level: Medium

Justice League is… not a very good movie. And if Aquaman were out already, we would put that in JL‘s place instead. But at least Momoa gets some funny moments as Arthur Curry, which helps make this bearable.

Besides, Gal Gadot is also there as Wonder Woman, even if it’s pretty clear that Diana could have used some help from Patty Jenkins to truly make her shine.

Justice League is available on HBO GO or for purchase on Amazon.

Stargate: Atlantis

Dedication level: Medium

Stargate: Atlantis is perhaps not the best-known of the Stargate series — that’d probably be SG-1 in pop culture today — but it’s still part of a fairly major sci-fi franchise. Besides, Momoa spent quite a bit of time on the series. His role as Ronon Dex starts in the second season of the series, so there’s more to appreciate here than in Game of Thrones, albeit with Momoa sporting worse hair than that of Khal Drogo.

The entire series is on Hulu, or you can purchase it on Amazon.


Dedication level: High

Yours truly has watched every single episode of Frontier, which starts Momoa not in a side role, but as the main character, Declan Harp. This means that you can believe me when I say that it takes a lot to get through Frontier, because this show is a lot and not always in the fun way.

But if you do sit through it, you’ll probably end up either really hating all the time you spent or strangely enjoying it, because Momoa has a great time as Declan, even if Declan just does a lot of scowling.

Frontier is a Netflix show.


Dedication level: Ridiculous

If Frontier has not satisfied your need to watch Momoa, then we have one more entry for you. And honestly, if you sit through multiple episodes of Baywatch (some of which will feature David Hasselhoff) just for a very young Momoa… your dedication is stronger than ours.

It’s Baywatch. You know what you’re getting into.

You’ll also need to probably purchase the DVDs, because you can’t stream it.

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That all being said, happy birthday, Jason Momoa! Please ensure that Aquaman is a good movie.