The first Aquaman trailer is here and it looks like an epic adventure


The first Aquaman trailer is finally here. From the depths of the sea to the heat of the desert, this movie looks to be epic.

Since Warner Bros. announced plans for a solo Aquaman movie, many fans have been waiting for the film’s first trailer. Though we got to see Jason Momoa in character in Justice League, it simply wasn’t enough.

Now we want to see what Momoa can do as the star of the show. And thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, and the new trailer for Aquaman, we have an idea of just how the hero will rock his solo adventure.

This time it is Aquaman’s turn to shine, and this trailer makes it clear that he will. Not only will we get to see who Arthur Curry was as a child, and where he comes from, but also who he is now. From the surface of the Earth to the depths of the seas, Aquaman looks to be an epic adventure.

Even as we get to see a glimpse of the character we met in Justice League, this time around the depth is palpable. Here is a man who is both an Atlantean and a human. He is a future king, who does not see his place in the world.

While we have previously discussed the seven kingdoms that might appear in the solo movie, this trailer seems to confirm that all seven will be critical to the film. Although it was only a brief glimpse at each of the already confirmed kingdoms, we did get to see the Trench as well.

From kingdoms facing off to siblings up against each other, there is a war coming. Considering Aquaman will have to face off against his own half-brother, the trailer did a nice job of showing us just what that means.

We now know there will be a battle in front of the people of Atlantis. However, that is not all we see, as we get our first look at the vast seas that Aquaman calls home, and the many people who live there.

From Amber Heard’s Mera jumping out of a plane without a parachute to a young Arthur communing with the sharks and other fish at an aquarium, Aquaman has the look of a sweeping epic. It is a science-fiction odyssey that is nothing like any superhero film before it. Plus, with costumes that are as much a callback to the comics, as they are an update on a classic, even the looks pop off the screen.

Aquaman might be a DCEU superhero, but he is so much more than that, and it looks like his solo movie is determined to prove that fact. Forget the pop culture jokes and everything you have seen from the DCEU before. This Aquaman is fierce, proud, and even quite humorous.

Watch Aquaman‘s first official trailer here:

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Now that you have seen the first official Aquaman trailer, are you excited for December 21? What was your favorite part of the trailer?