Figurines at SDCC reveal new character and costumes in Aquaman


San Diego Comic-Con has been a wealth of information when it comes to Aquaman. We now have new costumes and even characters leading up to the new trailer.

Thanks to Screen Rant, we are seeing some of the new figurines and figures associated with the solo Aquaman movie. We’ve already seen Aquaman himself in his classic costume, but we also are getting new looks at costumes for Mera and Black Manta.

While the San Diego Comic-Con figurine is not our first real look at the Brine King, it is a chance to really see him in detail alongside Aquaman and even King Orm. With the figurines, we can see how these characters stack up next to each other, and it looks like the Brine King is going to be rather imposing.

Although we know the Brine King and his people will play a role in Aquaman, we still don’t know exactly how or even which side he may be on. But, at least with this look at the character, we do know that if he has to go up against Aquaman, he definitely has size on his side.

When it comes to the costumes, we have certainly had glimpses and peeks at what Mera and Black Manta would be wearing. Thanks to these SDCC figures with costumes on display, we can say Mera certainly looks different than she did in Justice League.

Rather than her overly armored look, Mera will get to wear a body suit that looks to be made out of scales of some sort. She also has a pair of matching boots that go along with the outfit and allow the character’s look to blend seamlessly. In fact, this costume calls to mind the one that Aquaman himself will be wearing, which is simple and yet fitting of their underwater lives.

In terms of Black Manta, the look seems spot on, from the rounded helmet to glowing red eyes. He has a wetsuit of armor, and for fans of the comics, this is a look that will definitely be familiar.

After having seen the costume that Aquaman will be donning at some point in his solo movie, it should come as no surprise that Black Manta and Mera also have looks that call to mind the comics that inspired them. While Mera’s look may have changed from her previous armored look, that doesn’t mean her costume in the solo movie is a downgrade in any way. Instead, it is just as impressive and warrior-worthy.

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All of these costume and detail reveals have us more than excited for Aquaman‘s trailer, which drops this Saturday, July 21. We can’t wait to see exactly what Aquaman will be wearing as he takes on his quest to once more save the world and his people.