Aquaman figurine gives first look at Jason Momoa’s costume and trident


We’ve seen glimpses of Jason Momoa as Aquaman thanks to posters and movie stills. A new figurine offers us the best look yet of his costume and trident.

DCEU fans are no stranger to Aquaman thanks to 2017’s Justice League. However, the new solo film is definitely giving us a new way to view the half-Atlantean, including an epic new costume and trident.

In May, fans of the DCEU and both Aquaman and Shazam!, were treated with first looks at both heroes costumes in promo posters. Of course, most of the focus was on Aquaman’s look since it was so different than what we saw in Justice League. In fact, the costume’s green armor received a lot of criticism from DC fans.

Based on that promo poster from May, we knew going into the Aquaman solo movie, we would see a golden costume that was much more in line with the original costumes from the comics. Thanks to Screen Rant, we know there’s a revealing figurine that was found at San Diego Comic-Con confirming the costume switch.

Though this is not the first time we have seen the golden costume that Momoa will apparently be donning in Aquaman, the image provided by Screen Rant is certainly much clearer. It also shows the evolution of the character’s look since the glimpse we had of him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The look shows Momoa’s character in what appears to be green leather pants (although we know they are leather thanks to other looks at the character and not so much the figurine itself), as well as a golden top, which includes armor. Beyond the costume itself, the figurine also gives us a look at Aquaman’s trident. And yes, we really mean a trident.

Unlike the five-pronged trident-style weapon he carried in Justice League, the figurine has his hands on King Atlan’s trident. This is a strong clue that Aquaman will have strong ties to the comic.

As epic as this costume and trident are, there easily could be more looks coming from Aquaman (hopefully during SDCC this weekend). As he embraces his destiny as the future king of Atlantis, we’re eager to see new ways he shows that off with armor and weapons.

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Aquaman‘s first official trailer will be out July 21, so hold tight for more heroic underwater looks.