Aquaman’s costume gets a sweet armor upgrade in new promo poster


A new promo poster featuring Aquaman has given us a major look at the hero’s latest costume. Looks like someone’s closet is getting bigger!

It looks like Aquaman’s superhero closet has just gotten a bit fuller if a new promo poster from the Warner Bros. is anything to go by. While we have seen Jason Momoa’s take on the hero in 2017’s Justice League, fans are still waiting on the trailer for Aquaman’s solo movie with bated breath.

So far, the only thing fans have seen from the upcoming Aquaman film is the recent promo poster from Warner Bros., as well as some newly leaked pictures from the set.

In those pictures, fans once more get to see this brand new costume that the heir to the throne of Atlantis will be rocking in his own adventures. Although the images are not quite as clear as the promo poster, they still confirm that Jason Momoa is getting a bit of a wardrobe upgrade.

Clearly, as the future king of Atlantis, Aquaman has more than one look he gets to rock when it comes to going up against the bad guys. While fans of the character have already seen him in one of his costumes in Justice League, it seems that for his own adventures, his look is getting a bit of an update to bring it more in line with the comics.

Not only does the new costume have a bit more of a regal look befitting the future king of Atlantis, but the color itself is definitely lighter than what Jason Momoa was seen wearing in Justice League. On top of lightening up the costume to bring it more in line with his comic origins, Aquaman’s new armor has flared out shoulders that give it a more stylish look as well.

There were many fans who were less than impressed with the armor that Aquaman donned in Justice League, and while there is still some time before we see his new look up close and in action, it seems like this update to his wardrobe is exactly what fans wanted.

With many fans of DC hoping for a repeat of the success of Wonder Woman when it comes to DC’s newest solo movies, it makes sense that seeing a new costume would get people excited.

Although we don’t know when the official trailer will be released for the film, seeing the new Aquaman costume is definitely a step in the right direction, especially with fans eager to dive into the world of Atlantis.

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For now, at least we have the new promo poster and set photos to enjoy until the trailer is released. Aquaman is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2018, so we should be getting a teaser any time now.