Wonder Woman 1984: Patty Jenkins shares a picture of Pedro Pascal


Want to be confused by your love of Pedro Pascal? Well, get ready for this sneak peek of his look in Wonder Woman 1984 shared by Patty Jenkins!

Pedro Pascal in a three-piece should come with a warning. Rumored to be playing a god in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, we don’t know much about his character, which is maybe a good thing. Going into the first Wonder Woman film, we barely knew anything, and it turned out pretty well.

So far, we have fanny packs, Diana looking beautiful, and a wonderful shot of Steve Trevor in a running suit. It seems like every fan’s dream, and we love all the little snippets that Patty Jenkins is sharing on Twitter, especially this new one of Pedro Pascal.

With the theory that he is a god, there are many options to who he can be. Is he playing Zeus, the father to Diana? Or is he Hades and maybe the reason that Steve Trevor has seemingly returned from the dead? There are so many unanswered questions about the movie … so let’s focus on this beautiful shot.

A significant portion of the shots that Patty Jenkins has shared have been through the medium of a television screen, made prominent since there seems to be a room of screens that Diana finds herself in at some point during the film. So is the idea that Big Brother is always watching? Is that why the year 1984 was chosen?

There is just so much that is up in the air with this movie so far, including both Kristen Wiig and Pascal, that we’ll have to see what gets released before the movie and what we’ll have to wait to see when the movie hits theaters.

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Check back here on Culturess for more Wonder Woman 1984 news. We can’t wait to see where the ’80s take Diana Prince, especially if that journey includes Pedro Pascal in a three-piece suit.