Videos from the Wonder Woman 2 set show Chris Pine not having it with the spoilers


There are new set videos from the filming of Wonder Woman 2. But most importantly, Chris Pine is trying to keep everyone from spoiling the movie.

Wonder Woman 2 has begun filming and the cat is already out of the bag that Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor. The internet is already ablaze with theories to how Steve Trevor is back in action. While the comics have him coming back in a wide variety of ways, there isn’t much to help us figure out how the movie Steve will come crashing back into Diana’s life.

As predicted though, fans fled to the filming locations to try and get a glimpse of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor in action once more. So what did Chris Pine do for those filming? He motioned for them to throw their phones out.

While production can’t really stop people from standing nearby and filming, they can ask that no one uses flash photography or stands too close. The problem? People are still filming certain portions of the film and Chris doesn’t seem too pleased. Check out his reactions in the fans’ videos:

In every video, he’s almost mocking those filming, motioning with his hands as if he was someone recording and then he throws the fake phone in the air.

What does this mean for our favorite couple? Who knows, because we’re not even sure if this is the same Steve Trevor. But maybe we should all respect Chris’s wishes and toss away our phones.

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We have quite some time to wait until the movie is released, as the set date isn’t until Nov.1, 2019. Until then, hopefully we’ll get lovely new pictures from Patty Jenkins and company. Maybe just don’t release set videos of Chris Pine will try and throw your phone away.