15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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Last Ex To Brooklyn (Season 6, Episode 2)

Remember on the episode “Lows In The Mid-Eighties” from earlier in the list, where we find out about Will and Grace’s past relationship? Well, they also mention in that episode that, when the two of them weren’t talking, Will actually slept with a woman named Diane, just to confirm he was definitely gay. Grace was hurt when she found out, but the two got over it and made up. But Diane made an appearance in this season 6 episode, and not for the reason you may expect.

Grace and Leo have a dinner party, and invite Leo’s ex-girlfriend (played by Mira Sorvino), as well as Will, Jack, and Karen. Leo’s ex, who works for Vogue, is already a big hit with Grace after giving her an Hermes Birkin bag (who wouldn’t love someone who gave them a free Birkin?!). When Will, Jack, and Karen, arrive, though, things get messy.

Immediately after Will walks in, him and Leo’s ex immediately recognize each other. Surprise, it’s Diane! Before they can explain how they know each other, Jack opens his big mouth to let everyone know that Diane is the only woman Will has ever had sex with, and Grace can’t help but let out an “OH. MY. GOD.”

There’s an immediate switch in Grace, and even though she didn’t care that Diane dated Leo, she is really irritated by the fact that she slept with Will. Obviously, it bothers Leo that she’s so bothered by it, and not by the fact that he slept with Diane, but things only get worse.

It turns out, Diane has been in love with Will ever since they slept together, and he’s actually the only man to ever give her an orgasm. That’s right, including Leo! Now, Grace is weirdly jealous about Diane and Will, Will is uncomfortable, and Leo feels inadequate and like he has something to prove. Talk about a wild dinner party!