15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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The Young and the Tactless (Season 3, Episode 21)

Sometimes, an episode has a breakout star that you never expect. They may not even have a lot of lines, but they end up stealing every scene they’re in. In “The Young and the Tactless”, the breakout star is easily Karen’s mother-in-law, Sylvia Walker.

Karen bursts into Will’s apartment to seek refuge because she’s avoiding her awful mother-in-law, who Karen has referred to as “The Goiter” in the past. Later on, she ends up bringing Sylvia to Will’s apartment, and him and Jack realize she’s not so bad after all. She’s just a small, well-mannered old lady, so what was Karen’s problem?

Karen ends up leaving Sylvia with the boys before they notice she’s gone, even though they have plans to head to a gay bar that night. Since they can’t get rid of Sylvia, they bring her to the bar with her. She orders a “tea”, which obviously ends up being the type of tea from Long Island!

Will is getting down on himself because nobody at the bar seems to be interested in him, and that’s when Sylvia gives him some good advice. She tells him “how do you expect anything in your life to change if you don’t change?” The advice helps motivate him, and Will ends up landing a date with a younger cutie! The funniest part, though, is that when Will thanks Sylvia for helping him land a date, she’s completely scandalized and didn’t realize he was gay, or that she was in a gay bar!

The old lady’s reaction is priceless — “You’re a f-g?!” — and she runs out of the bar completely disgusted, especially since she helped a homo land a date!