15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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Alive and Schticking (Season 8, Episode 1)

To launch the show’s eighth season, they made the decision to do a fully live episode of Will & Grace, and it ended up being absolutely hilarious. In fact, we would argue that more sitcoms should try it out, because if anything goes wrong or if people break character, it just makes it even funnier!

On the episode, which takes place in and around Will and Grace’s apartment, Grace is contemplating having an affair with a married man, and excitedly tells Jack about it, since he has so much experience with married men. Jack is starting his new career as host of Jack Talk, and has an eye patch that he blames on a GRI, a “glitter related injury”.

Meanwhile, Will is trying to keep a secret from Karen after he finds out her husband Stan is still alive after all. His former boss Malcolm (played by Alec Baldwin) is trying to keep Will from telling Karen, but Malcolm is also trying to date Karen.

When Grace admits she’s going through with the affair, Jack is offended that she would attempt to know a married man “in the Biblical sense… and in the vagina” because, he admits, he has never actually cheated before. He also admits to Grace that he didn’t have a glitter related accident, he actually burned off his eyebrow off during a segment on his show where he refused to stop singing even though the set was on fire. Sounds like Jack, alright.

The entire episode was hilarious, no doubt, but the scene between Grace and Jack is probably the one where they break character the most, and it leaves us laughing even harder because the two actors can’t stop laughing themselves. When Jack takes off his eye patch to reveal he’s missing an eyebrow, the two of them can barely contain their giggles enough to get out their dialogue. Seriously, why can’t more shows do this?!