15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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Bathroom Humor (Season 8, Episode 11)

After raving about the first live episode of the season, how could I not include the other Will & Grace live episode from season 8? If you thought the first one was hilarious and ridiculous, just wait until you see this one!

The gang are at Karen’s for a lavish birthday celebration, and they’re excited that she actually decided to celebrate her birthday that year instead of just doing a small dinner with them like she usually does. The party is packed with celebs, and they’re all excited to be mingling with them — especially Grace, who is playing “ass tag”, meaning she’s trying to “accidentally” touch the butts of as many celebs as she can.

When Jack, Will, and Grace are freshening up in Karen’s huge bathroom, Karen’s arch nemesis/friend Beverly Leslie comes in and breaks the bad news to them. This isn’t the first time Karen threw a huge birthday bash, it’s just the first time she actually invited them. She had been throwing birthday parties for years without their knowledge, which makes them think she’s embarrassed of them being around her famous pals.

Rosario admits that it’s true they weren’t invited, and they weren’t even supposed to be invited that year either. But she tells them it’s all because of only one of them, but won’t say who. Obviously, the three of them fight over which one is the most embarrassing, and hilarity ensues.

Jack, Will, and Grace have a fight in the bathroom, throwing baby powder and spraying each other with shaving cream, Visine, and whatever else they can find in there. Karen walks in fuming and gets Rosario to clean up their mess, and all of them are trying their best not to burst into a fit of laughter. Once again, live episodes are hilarious and seeing the actors break character to laugh is the best part.