20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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…and Justin’s coming out

Here is the moment that Ugly Betty fans were waiting for for four seasons! The Suarez family are attending Hilda’s wedding to Bobby, and Betty is torn over whether she wants to take an exciting new job in London or not. Justin is also torn over his feelings for Austin and whether he should tell his family or not.

The family found out about Justin being gay before he told them, and wanted to throw him a surprise coming out party to celebrate. But Marc, being the only rational one out of all of them, immediately axed those plans and told them to let him come out in his own time.

As everyone is dancing and having fun at the wedding, Austin walks in and Justin takes him, hand in hand, to the dance floor. The two share their first slow dance in front of the whole family in another touching moment. Betty, Ignacio, and Hilda all smile at their nephew, and Marc and Amanda both have to hold back tears.

Justin’s growth throughout the series was handled so perfectly by the writers of Ugly Betty. They let him grow up with the viewers, going through the same struggles as so many others who were watching at home. He had crushes on girls, he was bullied, he denied his sexuality, and then he came out in his own time.

Even though we always suspected he was gay, they didn’t make it easy for him, because it’s not always easy, even if everyone else thinks they already know the truth.