20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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The Suarez Family’s close, and realistic, bond

The Suarez family really does seem like a perfect family, in the way that they’re imperfect. They fight, a lot, and they get mad at each other. They’re all such different people with different personalities, and they’re all fiercely independent, and that’s why they’re so perfect.

Real families disagree, and real families argue. It’s not realistic for a TV family to always be smiling and never have real struggles. But the best part about the Suarez family is how accepting they are. It was difficult for Hilda to have a baby as a teenager, but the family rallied around her to help raise Justin, and when Justin had struggles of his own, the family was right there supporting him.

There were so many examples of wild, dysfunctional families on Ugly Betty, but the Suarez clan always came out on top for being supportive but also realistic. Ignacio had to work crappy jobs to support his family, and Hilda had to do whatever she could to make ends meet. They struggled because they cared about their loved ones, and that was the beauty of Ugly Betty that not many other shows were able to capture.

That bond that the family shared was extended to everyone else around them, too. Amanda and Marc were welcomed with open arms by the Suarez family, even though they were awful to Betty when she started at Mode. Claire Meade also gets close to Betty and Ignacio, even though they couldn’t be any different. That’s the sign of a great family.

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