20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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Justin’s first kiss…

Later on season 4, Justin has a crush on a girl in his acting class. Audiences let out a collective, “Wait, what?” but who are we to judge? He invites her to hang out and watch movies, but she brings along their classmate Austin, which he isn’t happy about.

In their acting class, Justin has to kiss Lily on stage, and he’s nervous about it. But Marc tells him if he wants it, it won’t be bad, and that a really special kiss will make the whole world feel black and white. After the kiss with Lily goes well, he goes to find his friends after the show, and finds Lily and Austin kissing backstage. He looks heartbroken… but who was he jealous of?

Later, Austin finds Justin standing alone on the stage and tells her he kissed Lily just because he wanted to try it out after they kissed on stage. The two start playfully teasing each other about how they acted out the scene, when Justin says “You’re so in love with yourself!” and Austin quickly responds “Wouldn’t you be?”

The two then lean in, and have an innocent, short kiss, and sure enough, the world around them turns to black and white, and the only thing in color are the two boys kissing. It was a total fangirl moment for anyone who watched the show for years, waiting for Justin to finally have his moment. The kiss made Justin even more confused, but it led him on the path to finally finding who he was.