25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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13th Doctor

The 13th Doctor is extremely important. Not only is she the first female Doctor, but she also brings a new obstacle to the show: How are they going to address a woman in charge? While all of SDCC was excited about the new season of Doctor Who, this cosplayer showed her love for the new Doctor!

The first real look of her costume came out in the season 11 trailer and it seems as if this cosplayer got it perfectly. She isn’t your typical Doctor, she’s fashionable and fun and she is definitely going to be someone we see frequently at future conventions.

This picture is great because this cosplayer posed in front of one of the LEGO models that were featured around the floor of SDCC this year. It shows the excitement for the new season, the new Doctor, and why this is something that should have happened ages ago! Hopefully, we see more amazing cosplays of the thirteenth Doctor in upcoming weeks.

Either way, this is a great cosplay and one that has us hopeful for what season 11 plans on bringing us! More suspenders and cool hooded jackets, please! We want all her costumes in our closest already!